If your idea of packing for a summer vacation is putting your favourite swim trunk, white cotton t-shirt and rubber flip-flops in a gym bag, and heading off to the beach, we’ll have a lot of work to do here. Unless you are a college student going on an Eastern European music festival, this “style” isn’t gonna cut it. You will need to add some versatility and certainly some sign that you are an adult person into your travel clothing, but you will also have to pack grooming products, accessories, and a modern man’s favourite distraction – gadgets. Now, let’s make an adult man out of you and breeze you through the packing process all the way to the hot sand and beautiful waves.

Level Up Your Fashion Game

Now that we’ve all agreed that youth gone wild style is not allowed, we can see how to up your fashion game. Before opting for specific clothing pieces, you should consider the fabrics, which should be lightweight (e.g. linen and cotton). Also, pack some double duty items to have more room in your suitcase. Here are some ideas for the most-fashionable summer wear, so you can fill up the “blank space” in your bag with some of the pieces of your choosing.

  • Short shorts,
  • Patterned swim trunk,
  • Flat front shorts,
  • Linen shirt,
  • Hawaiian shirt,
  • Short sleeve Henley,
  • Wide legged trousers,
  • Khaki pants, and
  • Sports blazer.

Fill Up the Blanks with Accessories and Stuff

Accessories are always the last thing we remember, but that doesn’t make them less important. So, here is a list of all the accessories you will need, from purely functional to utterly fashionable.

  • A reliable suitcase,
  • A carry on (you can decide for a canvas bag which you will be able to wear to the beach later),
  • Man bag, for the days when your shorts is pocket-free, and you really need to go to the store or for a drink,
  • Sunglasses (aviator or wayfarers),
  • A wrist watch (waterproof, if possible) or a leather/rope bracelet, and
  • A webbed belt to add interest to boring pants.

Tech, Gadgets, and Other Lifesaving Items

If you are not thinking about which gadgets should you take with you, then you are not a man of today. These small items that take almost no room in your luggage can be true lifesavers. From things we can’t imagine our lives without like power banks and smartphone, to the almost uncharted waters, such as smart suitcase padlock, pack everything you think off. Download a bunch of useful travel apps for your smartphone, and be prepared for any situation. If you have trouble sleeping, you can pack a white noise machine. Humidity can impact your sleep comfort and quality. Address that with a dehumidifier. Some of the many benefits of dehumidifier are preventing allergies caused by moisture, keeping the air fresh and the clothes and sheets dry, thus providing you with better sleep.

The Art of Grooming

A gentleman must always look his best, and especially on his vacation. Make sure you upgrade your grooming routine, since extensive sun exposure can dry out and harm your skin. You will need your shaving products, a moisturizer (with SPF), sunscreen which protects from both UVA and UVB rays, personal hygiene kit, and other things you consider essential. Of course, if you are caught up by the “beard boom” you should pack some nourishing products for your facial hair, as well.

You see? It’s that simple. Summer vacation is a great chance to unwind and relax, while trying to look your best.