Men the world over are prone to having to suffer with one plight: they’re useless when it comes to Christmas shopping. Specifically, they’re useless at getting their shopping done before the last day to do so, Christmas Eve. Specifically, they’re prone to leaving everything to the last minute and having to ‘man dash’ about to get all of their presents sorted.

The ‘man dash’ is inevitable. As much as you men out there want to deny that it is going to happen again during the Christmas 2017 season, you know it probably will. But, just because it’s more than likely to happen, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the best out of it. It doesn’t mean you can’t successfully circumvent it. For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.

Channel your inner Santa Claus and make a list

This might sound like a boring and tedious thing to do, but going into your bout of shopping with a list of target presents at your disposal will help you no end. You should first start with all the people who are going to be in need of presents from you. You should then write down next to each of these people what you perceive them to like, what brands or specific smells might be for them (if you’re going down the perfume or aftershave route) and any hints that they may have dropped. So, yes, this means listening out for hints wherever you can too!

But, if you struggle to hear out for these hints and struggle to make your Christmas present hit list in general because you just have no clue whatsoever on what to do buy, especially for her, then find inspiration and help wherever you can. This could mean checking out ‘gift ideas for her 2017’, a comprehensive breakdown on what she will want, from hampers to home gifts to barware. What you could also do is ask her best friend, because she’ll know a lot more about what she wants than you will!

By making a list, no matter who you put on there or what presents are on there, you will find yourself sticking to your budget easier too. So, not only will the ‘man dash’ be made easier, by your finances will be tracked.

Get an early start on the day of the ‘man dash’

You may leave it late to do your Christmas shopping in regards to the day you do it on, but when that day comes around make sure you don’t lounge around in bed all day — whether you’re on holiday from work or college or not. Make sure you’re up and at em’ early; maybe even early enough to see the shops open! You should do so because the shops are, of course, quieter in the morning and thus you won’t feel as pressured or flustered within them. You should also do so because it will mean you will finish your shopping before the rest of the ‘man dashers’ surface around and about the shops, and you’ll be able to laugh at them as you enjoy that celebratory pint you have to officially mark another year of Christmas shopping as over.

Opt for comfy clothing

‘Man dashing’ and shopping in general is not a night out. It is not a fashion show. You do not need to particularly impress anybody with the clothes you wear. So, make sure you wear some comfy clothing! Make sure you wear comfortably fitting clothes such as a tracksuit and, even more importantly, make sure you wear shoes that won’t hurt your feet as you stand in queue after queue after queue after queue.

Take shop assistant advice

You know when you’re in a shop and a shop assistant that works in there asks if you need help? Take the help! Shop assistants have been trained and educated to know more about the shop they work in than you. So, don’t try to avoid them at all costs, take the help that is on hand. They’re just people, and they’re people who are paid to help you, so let them help you!

And, if you want to take your shopping assistance to a whole new level, then you can seek help from an actual gift advice service. What this service does is provide you with your own personal shopper who will assist you in finding the perfect gifts for the perfect people. And, if you want to take your shopping assistance even further still then you can employ the services of a wrap artist to wrap your presents up for you. Wrap artists can be found in stores around the world around Christmas time sitting by the checkout desk and waiting to wrap your presents for you. By taking these artists up on their offer, you will find yourself circumventing another annoying job: the wrapping.

Always try to be personal with what you buy

Of course, any presents that anybody receives from you should will be (or should be) met with gratitude. But, the gifts that you give that have obvious signs of you thinking about the receiver with them and you being personal with your gifting choices will be met with even more genuine gratitude. This could mean getting a specific kind of Pandora charm for her Pandora bracelet. This could mean getting them their absolutely favourite bottle of wine or bubbly, and not just any old thing. It could mean getting them that luxury watch they’ve been hinting about. Or it could mean getting them exactly what they want, even though prior to getting it you have pretended not to get the hints.

’Tis the season, or soon will be, to leave all your Christmas shopping to the last minute for all you men out there. But, just because this is going to be the case, it doesn’t mean there’s anything bad about it. And it doesn’t you can’t be successful with your shopping when it does happen. By following the advice above, you’ll be fine