If you weren’t following me on Twitter or saw this post on my Instagram last weekend, you’ve missed my coverage of the #acerliveblogglasgow event held in Scotland’s largest city. During the weekend, Acer very kindly accommodated myself and the selected few bloggers in the grand 5-star Blythswood Square Hotel, which overlooks the picturesque square of the same name.

Location of the Blythswood Square Hotel

Located about 10-15 minutes on foot or 5 minutes in a taxi from either Glasgow Central or Queen Station stations, the Blythswood Square Hotel is a picture of beauty. Climbing the steep bank towards the rear, you are greeted with a building that could be compared to a stately home. Climbing the stairs to the entrance, you are greeted by a very friendly Glaswegian doorman. Placing your luggage on the marble floors of the reception, the reception team are very quick to check you in and give you a RFID card to your room. All rooms in the hotel are accessed through their own card – simply sliding the card in front of the reader on the front of the door will unlock it, rather than slotting it into the door handle and better still than a traditional key!

Entering my room

My room was located on the lower level of the hotel, number 110, which overlooked a small square and the rather spacious and stylish Monte Carlo conference room which is where the Acer event setup base for most of the weekend. The room was furnished with various oak pieces of furniture its hallway before the king size bed presented itself in the middle of the room. A large 32″ Samsung TV was located in front, complete with standard Scottish TV as well as complementary movies and other TV shows for your entertainment.

Bathroom & facilities

The hatches in the bedroom opened up to the bathroom, which was finished in marble from floor to ceiling. It has the standard amenities of a toilet, separate bath and shower as well as a large sink unit which was fantastic for getting ready in the morning. It was very well lit, which I’m sure will be appreciated by anyone who cares about their appearance and wanted to make sure they head out looking their best. However, if you wanted to relax in the bathroom, there were three different sets of lights which operated individually along with two spotlights which could be dimmed located above the sink and bath area. One particular thing I liked about the bathroom were the aforementioned hatches which allowed me to freely watch TV from the bath – an experience I’ve yet to have at another hotel.


Speaking of entertainment, there were 4 speakers in my room located in the ceiling with two control points – one located on the main panel next to the light controls and one on the right side of the bed. No matter how I tried to get these speakers to work, I left the hotel not knowing what they would do. I assume they can be used for music to be played from a laptop or to be used in conjunction with the TV so that the sound on the actual TV didn’t need to be turned up to be heard from the bathroom.

Mini bar & coffee making facilities

Welcome gifts at the Blythswood Square Hotel included a complementary bottle of still and sparkling water, along with hotel-made short bread biscuits. Looking inside one of the many cupboards, I found the mini bar and tea & coffee making facilities. The mini bar was well stocked and not touched during my stay and prices were reasonable, especially with it being something I would consider buying something from unless I needed it and it was 4am! If you wish to browse the price list, it is available on this Tripadvisor thread. One very nice touch to the tea and coffee making facilities was the hot chocolate and Tunnocks Chocolate Teacakes. You can’t visit or stay in Glasgow without trying something manufactured by Tunnocks.


Overall, my stay at the Blythswood Square Hotel was extremely enjoyable and made the whole Acer Live Blog experience just that little bit more valuable. The bed provided an extreme level of comfort, the heating was extremely quick which was great considering the temperatures outside and I feel everyone will feel at home, no matter what room they decide to go for. To my knowledge, I stayed in a Standard Room although there are some fantastic Deluxe Rooms and Suites available. I highly recommend the bar on the first floor too, which serves a delicious French Martini.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this hotel review. I have done one previously and I would love to do more of these in the very near future.