A couple of weeks ago, I was approached to test a variety of Bourbon whiskies and Rum. Bourbon whisky is commonly associated with brands such as Gentleman Jack, which I refer to as the mature older brother to Jack Daniels and I’m more fond of the taste especially as it goes well with meat and fantastic mixed with Coca Cola.

Gentleman Jack

As aforementioned, Gentleman Jack is part of the Jack Daniels family. Paired beautifully with Coca Cola, it is twice as smooth as your standard bottle of Jack and is inspired by the man himself.

This whisky is mellowed through sugar maple charcoal twice to give it a full body with flavours of vanilla, maple syrup and a slight hint of citrus.

Its certainly introduced me to the more premium of bourbon whiskies offered by Jack Daniels. At the time of writing, you can pick this up for £30 on Amazon.

Woodford Reserve

This is my new go to bourbon whisky. Woodford Reserve is a small batch of craft bourbon made at America’s oldest and smallest working distillery.

Triple distilled in copper pot stills gives it a perfect balance of depth and flavour that makes it perfect for cocktails for the Old Fashioned. Its no wonder that Woodford Reserve is the bourbon of choice for bartenders across bars worldwide.

Mount Gay Black Barrel

I’m a fan of Bacardi, which is classed as a white rum whereas Mount Gay is dark rum and a product of knowledge, experience and refinement.

This dark rum is the latest from Master Blender, Allen Smith, and is a small batch handcrafted blend made of matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates.

It has a spicy, woody aroma which is followed by fruit. My taste buds were then met with a bold spice before being balanced with oaky vanilla and sweet caramel – which reinforces its aroma. You can certainly tell it has a close resemblance to bourbon whisky as it has been deeply charred in bourbon oak barrels, going through a unique process which releases spicy aromas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different alcohol related blog post from me. Always drink responsibly.