Now that I’m back into the swing of things on The British Gent and I’m very happy with the results so far, I thought I would share my blogging routine with you to show you how I plan, write and edit blog posts for The British Gent.

Brainstorm Ideas

Rather than coming up with a blog post on the spot – although sometimes creativity does hit me spontaneously – I brainstorm potential blog post ideas in my new London Underground Map notebook that I bought whilst I was in York. I’ll be honest, not every idea makes the blog as they’ll either be out of date by the time I’ve written them up or I’ll start writing them and I’ll not even find them interesting to blog about to start with.

If I find I’m not in a creative mood, I’ll move onto my next stage and float between stage one and two until I’ve found something that I think will work.


My source of inspiration tends to come from Twitter and the topics I tend to keep on Tweetdeck are #ukbloggers, #lbloggers and #malebloggers. I also like to stay in touch with the different blogging communities I’m apart of in addition to browsing Bloglovin for a while to see what others are doing.

Sometimes I find someones trip interesting and I want to write an article about an issue they’ve had or if I’ve been to the same place, I’ll write a list of places I love in a specific place.

Finding Time to Write

As I work full time during the day and work from home, I have plenty of time to blog outside my working hours. In most cases, I’ll find time in the evening to blog (currently writing this post at 1am on a Sunday morning) and edit the blog post the next morning when I’ve slept and have a clear mind. On the odd occasion, I sometimes have a few more pointers I want to add to a post.

During the day, I make the most out of my lunch. I usually brainstorm ideas for future blog posts during the day or spend time editing blog posts I’ve written the previous evening. Luckily, I’m not like some of my fellow bloggers who have children or a busy social life and I’m generous that I have the time to spare for the time being.


Once I’ve finished a blog post, I usually start on the next one or head to bed preparing to edit the next morning as I mentioned earlier. I don’t just take time to edit the words I’ve written but any photos or videos I may have taken or found on Flickr, one of the places I recommended in this post. I tend not to spend a crazy amount of time on this – around 15 to 20 minutes at most.


This comes down to how I’m feeling if I’m honest. Usually I’ll schedule a post to go live at the best time for my readers when they are commuting to and from work or during the day, when they can read my post at work which I’ve noticed is a tend.

If I’m working with a brand, I’ll schedule it for a time that suits them or when their campaign goes live to the public. I’m very good at keeping secrets for them when they need me to! I like to make my blog run like clockwork when I possibly can.

What is your blogging routine? I’d love to know your process. Leave a note in the comments below or link me to it so I have a read and maybe take some notes on how I should run The British Gent better.