If you’ve ever experienced the itch of wanderlust, you know that it won’t go away until it is well and truly scratched. Like a vocation, your conscience is screaming at you to take some time off work, maybe even a sabbatical, and get out there and see the world. But then the rational part of your brain kicks in and tells you that you have bills to pay, a mortgage to keep up and a close circle of friends that will miss you. Is an adventure to see the world worth risking all of this for? Put simply, the answer is yes. It has never been easier to keep hold of your mortgage, ask your boss for some time off and begin your travelling adventure.

It can be tricky to decide where you want to go, especially if you only have three, six or twelve months. You’ll need to plan your itinerary carefully to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. You don’t want to visit too many places and risk never being able to immerse yourself in its culture and spirit because you have to shoot off to your next destination too quickly.


You may wish to head out to some of the most expensive places in the world such as Paris, London, Dubai or Scandinavia. If this is the case, you need a stricter budget than usual. If money is a bit tight, consider taking out one of the many poor credit loans available. There is no credit check, and you can borrow the amount you need to ensure that your trip of a lifetime is an enriching and life affirming experience rather than a slog around the world,

Save As You Go

When heading to destinations famous for their budget busting food, accommodation and lifestyle costs, it pays to check out shared accommodation like hostels. The chances are that you won’t be spending loads of time in your accommodation, so all you need is a clean room with a bed and a roof over your head. Most hostels have security, and many are affiliated with the YHA or Hostelling International to give the traveller some peace of mind.

There are many initiatives now which allow you to immerse yourself in a culture on a shoestring budget by staying with a local family. There’s no better way to get a feel for a place than by living alongside the residents of a city. Imagine travelling to Paris but being unable to afford the hotel prices. Stay with a Parisian family in the eclectic arrondissement of Montmartre and your problem could be solved.



It always pays to invest in a good guidebook. This way, you’ll be able to head to the section labelled ‘Budget Traveller’ and investigate any tips they have to make your financial burden easier.

When locating food in an expensive city, think about how the locals eat. They won’t be splashing the cash every time they need food so try to follow their example. In Tokyo, one of the most expensive cities in the world, lunches are often bento boxes purchased from train stations and corner shops. As with everything in Japan, these boxes are like gourmet packed lunches. They allow you sample the Japanese cuisine for the same amount as a McDonald’s value meal.

Travelling doesn’t have to mean hitch hiking your way around the planet with barely two pennies to rub together. With a sensible plan, budget, and plenty of research, you can make your time seeing the world the most enriching experience of your life.