Its been sometime since I last blogged as I’ve been caught up in moving house. What an experience that was!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Stagecoach #bloggersonthebus event at Jalou to celebrate their launch of the new Stagecoach mobile app available for free download on iOS and Android. As I don’t currently drive, I rely on public transport a lot to get into the city and to get to work. Stagecoach is the primary bus operator where I live with clean, modern buses with free WiFi and plug sockets to charge your phone or tablet arriving every couple of minutes.

In the past, I used to use paper day and weekly tickets which I used to buy onboard. I can remember fondly the amount of times I’ve boarded with a £20 note only for the driver to be inconvenienced having to find change for me. I started to use the Stagecoach Smartcard, which I could place my weekly and monthly tickets on. However, when you need to hop on board a bus at a minutes notice, you need to buy a ticket for your journey without the worry of having change.

The Stagecoach mobile app allows you to buy tickets, check where your bus is and plan your journey all within one app – something that other operators have struggled to do! I often check to see where my bus is before leaving the house in the morning so I’m not standing outside in the cold or when its raining. If there are any delays, I’m also able to change my commute and go a different way using the journey planner. Sometimes, it has even shortened my usual commute!

If you are tired of paying extortionate car parking charges in the city or just want to try the bus to see if it works for you, I highly recommend using Stagecoach and their new mobile app. It certainly beats paying over the odds, sitting in non-moving rush hour traffic and arriving to your destination late.

This post was written in association with Stagecoach.