If you’ve been following me on social media this past week, you’ll know that I’ve partnered with Acer UK to try out their new Revo One home entertainment centre PC. Although I use my Now TV and Sky+ HD box as my entertainment centre, this Acer Revo One computer takes things to a whole new level.

Powered by Windows 8.1, and upgradable to Windows 10, the Acer Revo one is a small 6″ (15cm) tall desktop computer which is available in black or while and retails starting from £199 although I’ve found prices vary depending on your selected stockist. Inside the unit sent to me, which is their top line model, was an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 2TB of Hard Drive Space, WiFi built in, 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports with the capabilities of outputting directly to HDMI or Mini Display Port. I tested outputting to my 32″ TV in my bedroom and 19″ desktop monitor both separately and simultaneously and the built in graphics card managed to display graphics on both screens.

Turning on the device, it is fast to startup and you are presented with the very familiar Windows experience. Logging in is a breeze with the included Wireless Keyword and Mouse, although I understand this isn’t included with some lower end models and an alternative remote is included which has a keyboard and trackpad built into it. One gripe I did see when logging into the desktop is how much bloatware is on this Acer machine. I currently own an old Acer laptop before I switched to Mac and when I bought that, it didn’t come with any bloatware installed. McAfee antivirus comes preinstalled with a 3 month trial along with shortcuts to eBay, Dropbox, Netflix etc. However, these can be easily uninstalled and doesn’t really affect the operating performance although I did uninstall McAfee and installed my preferred anti virus of choice – Avast.

As this is a home entertainment system, I thought an i3 processor wouldn’t get used through watching some films so I installed Steam and one game that I’ve not played in a while – Train Simulator 2016. It loaded up fine using the default settings and played even better. Graphics were crisp, gameplay was smooth although there was some glitches with the wireless keyword so I recommend playing with a wired keyword if you were to use this as a small gaming rig. Be warned though, it might not work with some other games which require additional power.

Moving back to the home entertainment side of things, connecting it up to your TV is really easy with the standard HDMI output on the back of the computer, although it would have been nice if Acer included a HDMI cable in the box, and it supports a good variety of resolutions up to 1080p and 4k isn’t included. Video playback is smooth and I was able to find what I wanted to watch on Netflix very easily. I didn’t try the included Acer software as I’m more than sure that potential customers will either have a current Netflix, or similar, subscription or copies of their movie collection at the ready to store on the 1TB hard drive. Although this unit has WiFi built in, I recommend connecting it to your router using Ethernet so video streaming is faster and a little more reliable. I tried this unit in my bedroom, which is on the other side of my apartment and I saw my download speeds go from 20mb/s to close to 2mb/s on WiFi so I had to use Powerline Ethernet adapters to get some kind of usable internet speed.

From my experience in using the Acer Revo One, I can highly recommend it as a home entertainment centre & gaming PC. Its very quick, has lot of connectivity options, plenty of storage space for all of your TV shows and movies. I had it under my TV and it takes up very little room and is barely audible when running so it won’t disturb you in the slightest.