In my last morning routine post I talked about some key essentials to nailing an efficient and well-rounded morning routine. I’ve teamed up with Trendhim to give some insight into how you shavers and beardies can do the same.


Shaving, you either love it or loathe it.

If you love your sleep, then shaving in the morning might seem like a complete waste of time, after all it can easily be done in the evenings. However, if you have hair that grows back quickly overnight or if you tend to take your showers in the morning, then shaving at this time can sometimes be unavoidable.

Even though it is tempting to just speed your way through your shave in a tiredness-induced blur, bear in mind that haphazardness causes nicks and cuts. If you get up 5 minutes early and give yourself a little extra time to go through all the steps, you will be rewarded with a better shave.

Firstly, one easy way to reduce the amount of time you spend shaving in the mornings is to try to get into a habit of shaving every/every other day. This will mean there is not so much hair clogging your razor and therefore less time spent rinsing the razor off and overall a quicker process.

Of course showers are a must for maintaining personal hygiene, but they are also a must if you want a good shave. Hot showers are where every great shave begins as the steam they create helps open up your pores and soften your hairs. If you have a few extra seconds to spare, then consider grabbing an exfoliator to remove the dead skin on your face if you’ve got one to hand.

If you’re a night-time shower goer, then replicate the benefits of a shower by holding a hot cloth over your chin for a few minutes before you begin shaving.

Now for the shave itself. Make sure to create a proper lather on your face using your favourite shaving soap or foam; a speedy way to get a good lather is by using a shaving brush. Once you’re fully prepped, go slowly with your razor (a safety razor might be a good idea for morning shaves), shaving with short and light strokes. Shaving in this way and rinsing off the razor in between strokes stops a build-up of product and hair on the blade and leads to a closer and smoother shave.

Always end your shave by washing your face with some warm water, patting dry and then applying some post-shave lotion or moisturiser.


If you’ve got a beard that doesn’t need washing then lucky you, you get a few extra minutes in bed. All you should be doing is running a brush or a comb through the hairs and possibly applying some oil or balm if it’s looking and feeling a little dry or scraggly. If there are any stray hairs, then just trim them with some small scissors.

If you do have a beard that needs washing, then you really shouldn’t avoid it. Beards, like the hair on the head, can also get greasy. They also come into contact with a lot more stuff like food on a daily basis so make sure you’re giving it a shampoo regularly. There are dedicated shampoos for this job (no more stealing your girlfriend’s shampoo) so no excuses! A shampoo will only take a couple of minutes so it’s really easy to incorporate into your morning routine.